About us
Profile A centre for pure ayurveda treatment and rejuvenation therapies, started by Mr. Narayanankutty Nambiar, from Kottakkal, a place which is known as the land of ayurveda in Kerala state of India.

The legacy of his parents in line with ayurveda induced him to become a promoter of ayurveda practices in its true form with a clear vision for a better and healthy future.

Ancestral house in Kottakkal is now offering a complete atmosphere of typical Kerala home stay along with treatments and rejuvenation therapies. Being a family always promotes arts and cultural activities, our guests get a unique opportunity to experience various forms of Indian, particularly Kerala cultural events and temple related festivals.

After a long and dedicated practices through out India, Mr.Narayanankutty Nambiar became a close disciple of Baba Hari Dass from a region of the Himalayas in India. Eventually he settled in Khajuraho, one of the world famous heritage centre in India. Initially he started his rejuvenation therapies for domestic and foreign tourists in the Yadav Lodge, which is highlighted in Lonely Planet Incredible India. Later the name “Ayurarogyam” is conceptualized by him with the view of “Healthy Long Living”.

NK with BABA

Now, Ayurarogyam as a brand, is providing ayurvedic treatment and rejuvenation therapy through their various centers across the country. This venture is now in extensive expansion plans and recruiting qualified people for various centers, thereby committed to provide quality of treatment and matchless hospitality for domestic and foreign clients.

Ayurarogyam is now having its presence in training and placement, ayurveda medicine manufacturing, equipments, construction, resorts and tour operations.
With tlhe implimentation of the modern managerial practices along with strong ethical values, Ayurarogyam will develop into a great hub of activities, incorporating elements of culture, tourism and clean civic life. Our mission is to ensure that each customer should get physically invigorated, mentally rejuvenated, culturally enriched and spiritually elevated and, on his return to his place, should feel “Ayurarogyam” (healthy long living) within him.
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