Ayurvedic Treatment Packages
  Our hospital at Chitrakoot Ayur Arogyam Arogyadham complex with qualified and experienced full team of therapists and assistant helpers in organic farm land with panaromic land scaping about 180km from Khajuraho is now offering our guests, Kerala traditional Panchakarma treatments / therapies for 7 days,14 days and 21 days, which includes Ayurvedic foods and accomodation in a very attractive prices. Kindly contact in advance for reservation / booking as  it would help us to serve you better and satisfactorily.
Arrow Detoxication Therapy and Rejuvanation – 7 days.
  Rejuvenation massage 3 days, Siro Dhara 3 days, Njavarakishy 3 days, Pizhychil 3 days, Snehavasti 3 days, Kadivasti 3 days, Nasyam 6 days, Tharpanam 6 days, Karnapooranam 6 days and Virechanam 1 day.
Arrow 14 Days package for Rejuvenation and Body purification.
  Snehapanam 3 days, Swedanam 2 days, Vamanam 1 day, Virechanam 1 day, Snehaasti 3days, Pizhichil 7 days, Njavarakizhy 7 days, Nasyam 7 days, Karnapooranam 7 days, Tharpanam 7 days, Siro Dhara 5 days, Rejuvanation Massage 5 days.
a3 General Massage including head (Abhyangam); Whole body massage including head with appropriate ayurvedic oils. (One hour session)
a3 Siro Dhara;- (meaning in Sanskrit Sira is Head and Dhara is continues flow of a liquid) there will be whole body massage including head after that an appropriate ayurvedic oil/ medicated milk / butter milk etc. are poured
On the forehead in a special method.
(One hour session)
a3 Udvarthanam; You may call as powder massage, for this particular massage Herbal powder is used and the head is massaging with the ayurvedic oils.
(One hour session)
a3 We also have special health care sessions for the tourists those want to have Massage for only Legs, Head, Neck& Back etc.. (these sessions are only half an hour )
  Pick up and drop – from the hotels to our center would be free of charges.
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